Good evening everyone!

Admit it, which of you, like me, loves to dress up your gadgets, choosing for them covers of various colors and materials? I confess, so be it :)

A couple of weeks ago, my first iPhone (about the phone itself, I can say it is WOW), and was stunned by how many cool covers it has, not like my old android =)))

Already slowly I started buying “clothes” for my new friend, while in my collection there are only 3 cases, but I don’t think that this amount will stay with me for a long time. In general, a cool idea to collect something: someone is interested in collecting stamps, stickers, coins, well, I will join the collectors of covers on the iPhone.

By the way, in connection with this, I would like to recommend you a store FYY,  I would like to recommend you a store, the assortment of which is presented on the Amazon bombing site. I immediately trust the store, which is sold on the site of such proven sites, so I could not resist, and I studied their range a little.

My attention was attracted by the beautiful and stylish marble case on the iPad (it doesn’t matter that I don’t have it, it’s only for the time being), just look at it!

It is made by a book, with a stand, leather, thick and of high quality. And there is also a pink color :) For those who can not choose between classic marble and pink, I advise you to take both, because WELL HOW HERE TO CHOOSE? : D

And to get acquainted with the full range of this store I advise you to look here: FYY AmazonIt's great there, really! ;-)

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  2. The white one is my favorite so far. The details are dope!

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