Hello my beloved readers! I am glad that there are still so many of you with me. Even though I'm not the best blogger, haha. Let's start with what really bothers me right now. Question: WHY IS TIME GOING SO FAST? We only have one month of summer left .. This is very depressing. And I will spend it not on the beach, enjoying pina colada or cold beer, but at work. Well, such a thing.

About work! Exactly, I haven't been here for so long that you don't even know. I am now a student who also works. In April, I went through training and casting. Now I am an individual consultant on tobacco products and devices for their consumption. The schedule is perfect, the team is wonderful. Girls, you are super! <3

I told you the most important changes. In future posts I will continue to share with you in more detail. I am here to share with you my latest find: PINK WIG!!! 
How do you like it? Did I surprise you? Haha :) Actually, I want to share my big secret with you: I love to change. In my life I have been with both natural hair and black, like the darkest night. I was ash blonde, and now I have natural hair roots and blond all the way. I had bob and hair down to the loin. As you can see, my experiments in appearance were diametrically opposite. This greatly affected the quality of my hair * there should be a crying emoji *.
All this could have been avoided if I had known about hair websites earlier. This site opens a new wonderful world - the world of changes. Here you can choose any hair by color and density. Which of us girls did not envy Rapunzel from a fairy tale? Now we have the opportunity to become that very princess with luxurious and truly high-quality hair.

The most amazing and pleasant thing is that this hair looks NATURAL and QUALITATIVE. You will definitely not go unnoticed with Hollywood hair, I promise you. It's also a great occasion to experiment with length, and you don't have to wait a couple of years for your hair to grow back. With mine in general, the trouble is - they are lightened and because of this, the tips break off very much. For blondes like me human hair extensions - exactly what is needed! 
Be sure to look here and write your comments under the post, I will wait.

Love you

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